A Child's Inner Fire

Wogenopi – A Child’s Inner Fire is a story about a young person’s discovery of internal power and the awakening that comes from understanding that we each control our own inner strength. Wogenopi explores the following areas of growth and discovery.

A. Transforming fears - Seeing that the only “real” monster is the one we create when we give away our own power

“The only real strength they (monsters in our dreams) have is whatever strength we gave them because we think they have it...once we make up our mind to see them for what they really are, they’ll disappear.”

B. Understanding internal control and external control.

“Wogenopi is being strong. On the inside – in your heart…It’s learning the difference between what we really feel and what we allow others to make us feel....You knew what your real feelings were, what was right in your heart, but instead you gave your own power, your Wogenopi, away.”

C. Being open to seeing opportunities instead of obstacles and possibilities rather than problems.

“I think the wind is just reminding us of our power, telling us to be open to look at something that’s happening in a different way. You know, to push against what we think is true to discover something more important about ourselves...just like the tree has to push against the wind to grow, so do we.”

The author, Edie White, has earned her Bachelor’s in English and her Master’s in Education  She is currently obtaining her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin.. She has taught English for over 15 years and has taught a Critical Thinking program at a high school in the Chicago suburbs. Wogenopi has provided Edie a forum to illustrate her strong belief that through ownership of our inner power, we are all able to move forward, always in touch with our passion for life and our personal vision for more.

For more information on Wogenopi, please contact Edie White at 247 Legend Heights, Wales, WI 53183 by mail, (262) 968-4686 by phone or (262) 364-2676 by fax.

Email: edie@ediewhite.com